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Adrenaline Rush on the Best Luge in Phuket

Hanuman Luge Speed

Rush on The Luge Track

Looking for a heart-pounding thrill blended with gorgeous panoramic views while in Phuket? Then a ride on Hanuman Luge Phuket’s unique downhill cart ride is an absolute must! Part toboggan, part go-kart, this gravity-propelled ride lets you soar down a scenic mountain course offering jaw-dropping vistas of hills, sea and forest along every twist and turn.

Get ready for an adrenaline-charged adventure in stunning surroundings that takes fun in the tropical sun to daring new heights!Your exciting day begins with a scenic walk up the lush mountain slopes just beyond Phuket’s popular beaches to the hilltop starting point. Gaze out across the island’s rolling green landscape and glittering west coast bays while anticipating the thrills ahead.

After a quick safety briefing by Hanuman Luge’s friendly staff, claim your cart and get ready to roll. With three rider configurations available, singles, doubles(children & parents only)and even groups can take the wheel,when coming to explore the only luge park in Phuket.

The beginning trail section lets you get a feel for navigating as you coast under cool forest canopies along gradual sloping paths. But soon the real fun begins as the trail opens up to reveal a continuously winding downhill course alternating between tight and banked corners. This specially engineered track is part sculpture art and part extreme sport with angles up to 40 degrees in places designed to maximize adrenaline.

Rush Luge Happiness
Rush Luge Happiness

Put the pedal to the metal and let gravity propel you as you zip along at pulse-raising speeds. Expertly maneuver your cart around sweeping turns and hairpin bends carved into mountainsides overlooking lush tropical scenery.

Feel the wind through your hair as you zip under wooden gullies then burst back out onto elevated ridges revealing nonstop vistas across Phuket’s landscape.The world’s first luge-roller coaster hybrid track provides a safe yet seriously exciting mile-long ride guaranteed to get your heart pumping as fast as your cart wheels turn!Along the way, catch glimpses of Phuket’s legendary zip-line course.

Within the distance along Hanuman World rainforest with sparkling seascapes as you weave your way down the mountain. Vibrant green hills peppered with palm trees and charming rural villages fly past your periphery.

But with so much surrounding beauty, you need to divide your attention to keep safely zigzagging downhill. Lean skillfully into each banked curve, taking the racing line like a pro. Work up serious speed along the home straightaway stretch before gliding smoothly into the last few exhilarating twists leading to the finish line.

As your adrenaline-charged ride concludes, celebrate your accomplishment with chilled drinks or fruit smoothies at the hilltop café. The expansive mountain-top deck makes a gorgeous spot for panoramic photo ops with serene nature or lively selfies to commemorate your heart-thumping Hanuman Luge adventure.

Watch in anticipation as other riders zoom down the meandering course carved out of the lush hillside in the distance. Then hop on a shuttle to make your way back up the slopes for even more downhill fun if one ride just isn’t enough!

Rush downhill
Rush downhill

Whether you are a thrill-seeker craving an intense adrenaline fix from every vacation or simply want a unique way to experience Phuket, Hanuman luge’s crazy fun downhill cart ride offers serious adventure. Race down nearly one mile of continuously winding track through stunning scenery for a pulse-raising way to spend a day in the tropical sun.

So leave the brakes behind and let gravity do the work as you let loose and soar like Hanuman himself on this legendary Phuket thrill ride! Book your tickets now,we are waiting for you to explore the course.

Rush and Thrill
Rush and Thrill