About Hanuman Luge

Hanuman Luge is an epic luge kart adventure experience designed by the Monkey God Hanuman himself. For thrill-seeking devotees, longing to undertake and take on the challenge of  a mythical forest journey, through the lush green rainforest of Phuket. The origins of Hanuman’s World Luge Phuket can be traced back to 1786 when a group of devotees from Phuket made a holy pilgrimage to the Great Narmada Kingdom in central India. This is where they stumbled upon the original Luge track, and decide that they too can build one in Phuket.

Upon returning to Phuket, the visitors were determined to recreate this divine gravity ride experience in honor of their beloved Monkey God back home. This epic luge features divine tracks extending to 650 kilometers in total length.The devotees worked tirelessly, to build this amazing track to give their visitors the ride of a lifetime. Using natural materials from the jungle and natural eco-friendly materials, the workers built carts and the track taking their time to perfect each section to perfection so customers can enjoy the adventure. Though rudimentary, they believed their beloved Monkey God would bless their efforts, and the beauty of their luge track.


When the first track was complete, the head devotee climbed into a cart, and pushed off on the first journey, speeding down the mountain. Enjoying the wind hitting your face and the speed of the luge cart. It is filled with laughter and joy as you complete your journey to the finish line. After enduring al of the twists and turns on the most ultimate thrill ride in Phuket, you will be back for more. You will feel the Monkey God with you as you zoom down the mountainside with adrenaline and fear of laughter.

Upon reaching the bottom, you will celebrate with joy as you have conquered the ultimate and only luge ride in Phuket. As your companions cheer you on as you reached the finish line, you all then race back to the starting line to go on another adventure down the mountain. Taking amazing pics and video with the go-pro to share this heavenly adrenaline rush with friends and family members everywhere.

Here at the Luge track do not be afraid to go fast or slow. You are controlling the speed per your bodyweight with twist and turns downhill, you can travel and drive at your own pace. We give you specific instructions on how to operate the luge and what to do and what not to do. If you are in Phuket and want to enjoy driving speeds without the loud motors connected to your car, then come here at Phuket luge track to enjoy the very first and only Luge track in Phuket.

The luge careens down sheer cliff faces, zips around giant boulders and tree trunks. Riders can ascend to the heavenly starting point via the path through hanuman zip-line park. Those completing the full track filled with twists, turns, and downhill track are blessed with granted divine laughter, joy and renewed energy from the. This Luge experience creates its own divine magic allowing visitors of all ages(4+) to traverse his luge safelyBy riding this luge, one can bask in the monkey God’s amazing and playful blessings on the thrill-seeking journey down the mountainside. Those who complete the luge are graced with Hanuman’s favor, and happiness on completing the journey through the rainforest.

If you are willing to take on this extreme journey do not hesitate to contact us on our website or via phone call or email for bookings, we are here waiting for you. Book your tickets now!