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Live Life Heroically on Hanuman World’s New Luge Ride 

Luge Happiness

Luge Adrenaline Fun

As you feel the cool jungle air rush past as you hurl down the slick track at lightning speed, your heart racing as much from exhilaration an excitement. Gripping the steering wheel slowly and using the brake,  you will learn to gently navigate the next sweeping turn on Hanuman World’s new luge course. Embodying the daring spirit of the legendary monkey warrior that you learned about earlier that day as you entered the course.

  According to the guides, Hanuman was the brave simian commander in the Hindu epic Ramayana who demonstrated remarkable courage, strength and devotion while battling enemies over twice his size. Hanuman World adventure park, is nestled amid the lush Phuket rainforest, where you can enjoy the beauties of what Thailand offers with its serene setting and its wildlife around you as you embark on this adventure.

This brings a larger-than-life thrill and nature play inspired by this mythological hero to both families and solo adventure-seekers, who are willing to take on the challenge and take a ride on the Luge. The luge is great for beginners or advanced riders who are ready to explore riding in the rainforest.


Luge at Hanuman World
Luge at Hanuman World

After scaling the zip-lines 30 meters above the jungle floor, and zip-lining over gorgeous ravines, and enjoying the extreme of the roller zip-line and then relaxing on the SkyWalk bridge after a nice needed buffet lunch. You will still be hungry for more adrenaline rushes before leaving Hanuman World, how about trying our latest adventure packed, adrenaline fueled, fast-paced luge adventure track.

Fortunately for many of our visitors Hanuman has opened our new dueling luge ride. This just proved the perfect finale for my action-packed day channeling your inner warrior monkey. This ride has fueled you on another adventure on why Hanuman World is the best adventure park to visit while vacationing in Phuket,Thailand.

  Preparing for your downhill run, the professional guides will provide simple instructions on luge-riding basics: sit back comfortably in the wheeled sled, keep hands on the steering levers, then use control speed by using the steering to guide you downhill, subtle torso tilts around the 650-foot track’s twists and turns, while driving at safe speeds.

Unlike rollercoasters, luges allow riders to dictate the thrill level using body positioning and braking. The guide assured even first-timers easily get the hang of spirited, yet safe rides, and will gradually learn the feel and speed and how to brake during the first ride on the luge.

  After the safety demo, you are at the starting line with 10 other people waiting to glide on your first ride downhill of Hanuman’s Luge., take a deep breath, then slowly push off as the track is sloped downhill revealing an intoxicating blend of rush cool jungle vistas and dynamic speed. Before you know it,You will fly over the finish line laughing excitingly with wanting more of the adrenaline rush that you just experienced on that first run of Hanuman Luge.

Luge Kids can ride
Luge Kids can ride

For just 790 Thai Baht a ride, or 20%(until Feb.29,2024) off when you buy park access or any products from their Wanon Restaurant. Hanuman World’s Luge created is a peak experience blending adrenaline, with rich scenery and cultural discovery for under 40 USD, what a bargain! If you are looking for a great time in Phuket while on vacation,this is the must-visit adventure park in Thailand to play at.

Whether you desire careening through vibrant greenery on a luge, or flying over the lush green jungle forest on a zip-line adventure, or even teetering 80 feet high on sky bridges, or even channeling your “inner Hanuman” through steep treetop obstacle courses, Hanuman World hits the sweet spot fusing culture, nature and heart-racing fun for all ages.

No wonder why the handcrafted monkey mascot statue greeting me at ride’s end wore a weary, satisfied grin! Once completing the mission you will feel more excited and want to complete more rides on this luge adventure,which is why we have additional ride options for you to take another mission on the track.