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From Panic to Excitement: Transforming Fear into Fun on Hanuman Luge

Phuket fun on Luge with excitement and panic

The Hanuman Luge in Phuket, Thailand is not for the faint of heart. But don’t panic, we have you covered here at our track. As you enter the track and stand at the top of the launch platform, looking down at the winding track snaking through the jungle canopy, You are excited to start your journey downhill with thrills and fun. The Hanuman Luge is a gravity-powered ride that sends thrill-seekers hurtling down a 650-meter track at speeds of up to 40 km/h. This adventure is packed with twists and turns downhill that will leave you in a whirlwind of fast adventures in the heart of Phuket.

Panic and fun in Phuket

Fear gripped you as you sat in your cart awaiting to start your adventure with friends and family on the track. As you prepare to take on the exclusive one and only Luge track in Phuket. You become excited with adrenaline and ready to get this adventure over with so you can explore the rest of the great rides at the park.

As you take a deep breath and relax your mind before you start racing down the track. You have to remind yourself that adrenaline is good and that being on an adventure with friends and family is the best way to enjoy your trip to Phuket. Not only is this the only Luge track in Phuket. Furthermore, the track is designed with safety in mind, so don’t panic. With protected sides to keep riders contained. And signs all along the tracks to show you when to slow down. Still, the logic was no match for the primal fear coursing through our veins.

Moreover, the attendant gives you a gentle push to start your descent downhill. Some of the people let out involuntary screams and laughter. The first few seconds were a blur of panic as I careened down the initial drop. Slowly but surely the track speed begins to take place after the first initial turn. Our hands were white as we clenched the handles, ready to brake at a moment’s notice. But we were still at odds on whether we should slow down or not. But we continued downhill with the pick-up speed we started to scream as the carts progressed downhill. Getting used to the speed of the track and carts, we soon started to feel the rush of adrenaline.

Panic and excitement on Luge

Panic to Excitement

But as we rounded the first bend, something unexpected happened. We began to pick up a lot of speed. The rush of wind on our faces and the thrill of speed began to overtake our fear. We laughed as we shot downhill speeding and trying to control the speed of the cart. Being able to control your body weight and speed is key when it comes to riding on the luge track. As you continue to drive downhill, you witness other visitors playing and ziplining in between the lush green jungle forest.  With each turn and straightaway, your confidence will grow stronger.

As you begin to learn to lean into the curves as the g-force pulls at you. You recognize the terrifying ordeal to be the ultimate fun of your overall vacation. Nevertheless, with the lush green jungle scenery whizzing by you. It has all become a blur as you speed downhill fast enjoying the ride. So enjoy the fun of Thrills and laughter with twists and turns.  By the halfway point, Gone was the timid tourist gripping the brakes. Our family fun adventure had turned and transformed into the ultimate ride of a lifetime. We simply found ourselves wishing the track was much longer as we crossed the finish line.

Panic in Phuket Hanuman Luge excitement

As we brought our carts to a stop at the finish line at the bottom of the track, our hearts were still racing. But we knew it would end at some point. Now from excitement rather than fear. We immediately wanted to go again, so we purchased an extra two more rides to get better at the track. The same attendant who had witnessed my trepidation at the start now saw me bounding back towards the lift, grinning from ear to ear.

So how did I go from panic to pleasure in the span of a few minutes? Looking back, I realized it was a combination of factors:

  1. Facing the fear head-on: By pushing through my initial hesitation and taking the plunge, I allowed myself to discover that the reality was far less scary than my imagination.
  2. Focusing on the present: Once I was on the track, I had to concentrate on steering and controlling my speed. This left little mental bandwidth for worrying about hypothetical disasters.
  3. Allowing myself to enjoy the experience: Instead of white-knuckling it the whole way down, I gradually relaxed and opened myself up to the fun aspects of the ride. I did not panic as I continued on the ride itself. I embraced it.
  4. Building confidence through small wins: Successfully navigating each turn boosted my self-assurance, allowing me to push my limits further. Allowing me to understand the course.
  5. Reframing the experience: What started as a terrifying ordeal became an exhilarating adventure once I shifted my perspective, on how to steer and accomplish the ride.
Phuket fun for kids at Luge

Therefore, it is very important to note that not all fears should be ignored. Specifically, there is a difference between irrational anxiety and legitimate safety concerns. And here at Hanuman Luge, we take those very seriously. The Hanuman Luge taught us a very valuable lesson: that sometimes, the fastest way to overcome fear is to strap in and enjoy the ride.